Sunday, April 17, 2011

Philly Tree People


On April 17th I went with SEA (Students for Environmental Action) to help plant trees with Philly Tree People. All of the volunteers were assigned different blocks to plant trees. My group was assigned the corner of Coral and Susquehanna. Our small group planted 9 trees in total on the block. Each tree had a designated plot to be planted in and we dug the soil out so we could place the trees. Since we live in Philadelphia we ran into a couple problems when shoveling out the soil including coal, bricks, cobblestone, and concrete beneath the initial soil. We just ice picks and (strong men) to break up the difficult layers and then cleared the problem and continued to dig. Once we thought the hole was deep enough we placed the tree in and measured it and then mounted it with some soil. Then we filled in the hole around the roots and stepped on the soil to get out the air pockets. After that we watered the soil and layed down mulch and spread it out. We did all of this for each tree plot and then cleaned up. The nice thing to see was we were in a real community doing something for the block and several neighbors came out and offered water and thanked us for our work. The surprising thing was a couple neighbors even helped us shovel and use the ice picks to plant the trees. You can tell that the neighborhood is going to appreciate the trees. After all the work we headed to the Philadelphia Brewery and enjoyed a nice free lunch. Overall it was a good day with some awesome people!

Our First Tree Planted

Amelia and I standing by our Tree

Hours: 4 hrs
Total hours: 10 1/2 hrs!

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